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The Superfood Chain
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What effect does the superfood industry have on farmers and fishermen around the world?

This gorgeous 4K documentary follows filmmaker Ann Shin as she meets farming families in Bolivia, Ethiopia, Philippines, and Haida Gwaii affected by the superfood industry.
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Hemp Vegans 💗 hemp

Many people (including U.S. regulators) think of hemp as just another word for marijuana, but while the two are related, they are not the same. Hemp has negligible amounts of THC, and won't get you high or cause a positive drug test. Hemp seeds (AKA hemp hearts) are rich in fatty acids and contain more protein than other super-seeds like chia and flax, making them a good protein source for vegans.


  • provide more high quality protein per weight than beef or fish —6 grams per tablespoon

  • fight inflammation and help protect your heart and immune system

  • contain all ten essential amino acids and several essential minerals


In the spring of 2018, U.S. senator Mitch McConnell introduced a bill to legalize industrial hemp, which has many uses, though hardline conservative republicans like current Attorney General Jeff Sessions still consider it another form of marijuana. Not everyone agrees that eating hemp seeds won't affect workplace drug screenings. It's rare, but it does happen. Hemp is legal to grow in Canada, but this emerging market has faced some challenges. Farmers hope to capitalize on the spread of legalization worldwide.

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