The surfer's super fruit

This nutritional powerhouse from the Amazon punches well above its weight, with nearly twice as many antioxidants as blueberries, ten times more than grapes. Why is this significant? Antioxidants protect our cells from the free radicals associated with cancer and other diseases. The danger lies in seeing any food as a magic bullet.


  • high in fibre, rich in calcium and Vitamin A
  • contains phytosterols (“heart-healthy” fats) that help regulate cholesterol and boost immune function


From Brazil to California, surfing culture has helped make açai a global sensation, but its health benefits have long been recognized in the Amazon, where it’s an essential indigenous food. Growers face a challenge in meeting demand while sustaining diversity in the rain forest, and local co-ops are working to promote both sustainability and fair-trade. With this in mind, when buying açai, look for certified organic and fair trade labels.